Summer Education

Summer education duration

The principles regarding registration, the beginning and the end of the courses, and the examinations in summer education are determined by the Senate. Summer education is optional and the education period is seven weeks. This period also includes summer school final exams. Summer education can be opened at all educational stages with the approval of the Council of Higher Education. For each course opened in the summer education, lessons are taught between 20 and 28 hours a week, depending on the language level of the students in the English Preparatory Class, equal to the total number of hours taught in the fall and spring semesters. The time spent in summer education is not counted as academic time.

Summer education fees

Summer tuition fees are determined each year by the Board of Trustees upon the recommendation of the University Administrative Board and announced on the website of our University.

Students studying in our university's scholarship programs and students who are entitled to a scholarship/discount within the scope of the Ostim Technical University Scholarship Directive must pay the full fee for the courses they will enroll in if they want to take courses in the summer education.

Identifying and opening courses

Summer education courses cannot be opened as a substitute for fall and spring semesters. Compulsory courses in all associate, undergraduate and graduate education programs should be opened in the periods when they must be given and should not be postponed to summer education. The required number of students to open the courses in the summer education programs; There are at least fifteen students in English preparatory, associate and undergraduate programs, seven in master's programs and at least three in doctoral programs. However, some of the courses that have been announced to be opened with the reasoned proposal of the relevant Executive Board and the decision of the University Executive Board can be opened with at least seven students in associate degree and undergraduate programs, five students in graduate programs and two students in doctoral programs. Unless the number of students exceeds forty, a new group will not be opened. The courses planned to be opened in summer education are determined by the relevant departments, and the graduate courses are determined by the opinion of the relevant institute departments and the approval of the relevant administrative boards, within three business days following the electronic announcement of the spring semester exam results at the latest. The determined courses are finalized and announced after the approval of the University Board of Directors.

Attendance obligation

During summer education, attendance at classes is mandatory. Even if the attendance requirement for a course has been met before, this does not eliminate the obligation to attend. Regarding the duration of attendance, the provisions of OSTİM Technical University Associate Degree, Undergraduate Education and Examination Regulations are applied.