Success Conditions

Successful Students

Students whose semester academic grade point average (GPA) and general academic grade point average (CGPA) are at least 2.00 are considered successful.

Students on probation

After completing the first two semesters of taking courses, a student whose GPA in the following semesters remains below 1.80 for two consecutive semesters, and if his GPA is below 1.80, is defined as a student on probation and his GPA is lowered to 1.80. Its class remains constant until you upgrade it to e.

The period(s) spent under probation are included in the maximum education period. The maximum course load that a student on probation can take in a semester is 30 ECTS credits. Students on probation must first repeat the courses in which they received (NA), (FF), (FD) grades until they increase their GPA to 1.80. Students who meet this requirement can take other courses in their curriculum, especially lower-level courses that they have not taken before and courses for which they received a (W) grade, in addition to these courses, with the registration approval of their advisor, if the course load is appropriate.

A student on probation can take a different elective course that he has not taken before, with the approval of his advisors, provided that it is substituted for an elective course taken in previous semesters. The rule regarding the minimum course load specified in the Regulations does not apply to students on probation. Students' probationary status at the beginning of the fall semester is determined according to their GPA at the end of summer school.

Students who are on probation or who are placed on probation at the end of the spring term will have their probation status eliminated if they increase their GPA to 1.80 at the end of summer school. Summer education is not a semester. Therefore, the average of the courses taken in summer education cannot be used as the semester GPA. However, it is included in the student's GPA. The provisions of this article do not apply to students in the last two semesters of the normal education period. The student whose overall grade point average is 1.80 or above continues his education as normal.


 In order for the student to graduate and be entitled to receive an associate or bachelor's degree depending on the program he/she is enrolled in;

   Successfully completing all the courses and applications stipulated by the program he/she is registered for, in accordance with the Associate Degree and Undergraduate Education Examination Regulation provisions ,

·         Receiving the minimum credit required by the program,

·         Achieve a general academic GPA of at least 2.00


Honor for those who graduate from undergraduate programs with a GPA of 3.00-3.49; Those who graduate with a GPA of 3.50 or above are defined as high honor graduates.