Study Periods


Normal Study Duration

Maximum Study Time

 English preparatory class

1 year

 Associate Degree Programs (2 years)

2 years

4 years

 Undergraduate Programs (4 years)

4 years

7 years

Those who are not successful in the preparatory class in 1 year can continue their education in the preparatory class in the following years. The time spent in the preparatory class is not counted towards the maximum education period.

Those who do not renew their registration within the maximum period (who do not pay fees and / or do not register for courses) cannot benefit from their student rights and are considered to have used the maximum education period.

Students; Preparatory class, associate degree and undergraduate programs can freeze registration for a maximum of two semesters. In obligatory cases, these periods may be exceeded by the decision of the University Administrative Board. These periods of freezing of registration are not counted as the maximum period of study.

This period of students who are suspended from the university is deemed to have been used from the maximum education period.

Students who cannot graduate within the maximum education period are not dismissed. These students can register to continue their education, provided that they pay their tuition fees. In this case, they cannot benefit from other rights granted to students, with the exception of attending classes and exams.