Course Exemptions

The student's horizontal transfer or vertical transfer to a program and other possible adjustments and course counting procedures are carried out by the relevant board of directors upon the recommendation of the relevant department chair. 

Courses with (DC), (DD), (FD), (FF), (NA), (W), (U) or equivalent grades in the student's previous program are not taken into account in the adjustment / course counting processes. It is determined which of the courses in the student's previous program with a grade of (CC) or above, (S) or their equivalent will be counted in the new program and which will not be counted.

 Adaptation procedures are carried out according to the curriculum to be determined by the department. In order to meet the prerequisite or co-requisite of a course in the adjustment process, a grade of (CC) or above, (S) or their equivalent must be received from the pre-requisite or co-requisite course. Based on the courses counted in the program, the semester(s) that the student is considered to have spent from his/her maximum time are calculated and deducted from the student's maximum time. In this process, the normal course load and total ECTS credits of the relevant program are used for one semester. 

The grades they receive from courses accepted by the relevant board of directors for adjustment and/or course counting are shown on their transcripts in accordance with their University grades and are included in the academic average.

 If a student who registers for courses according to his/her adjustment has objected to the exemption of the courses he/she has taken from previous higher education institutions within two weeks from the date of registration, he/she can apply to the relevant faculty/school and/or department with a petition. The principles regarding course counting and validity period of courses are determined by the relevant department.